#LIGHTtheWORLD Kids Activity Calendar

I shared over on the Live to be Inspired Facebook page a couple days ago about some Advent/Countdown to Christmas ideas that I’d seen going around online for kids and I mentioned that we’ve never done a countdown other than the chocolate countdown calendars my dad sends every year for all of my kids. A definite favorite, because well, chocolate is involved! 🙂

I’ve been wanting to do something a little more this year though but found that I was feeling my anxiety levels rise as I looked at some of ideas out there. They included crafts, story time with specific books, a  themed treat, etc. for EVERY DAY and the moms all started prepping for them weeks ago, some even before Thanksgiving.

Um, nope. Can’t do that, At least not this year. As much as I’d LOVE to do something like that and think it would be amazing (and give major props to the mammas who are doing it!), that is just not the season we are in at our house. 🙂  (Slowly learning how to manage my time and expectations better so I can be a happy mom more and avoid becoming a full blown Grinch mom! And when you have two, two and under, you homeschool your 8 year old, and you have your own college finals coming up – you don’t start a project that will require hours of additional work during an already BUSY month! It will not end well for anyone!) 😉

So I gave up my search and decided our chocolate countdown would have be enough.

grunge white wood and rustic wood background texture

grunge white wood and rustic wood background texture

The next morning though the above Advent from A Year of FHE popped up in my Facebook feed and after reading, “Each day has a very simple task that can be done with little or no help from adults.” on their site. I knew I had found our winner for this year. This is PERFECT for the time and season we are in and I LOVE the concept of doing simple, daily tasks to help add more light and good in the world.

I also love that this countdown requires very little prep, focuses on the real reason(s) for the season and is mostly things my 8 year old can do on his own (and my 2 year old can do with just a little help)!

To get a FREE copy of this countdown that starts today, December 1st, just hop on over to the A  Year of FHE site and you can easily download and print it off from there. And, if you want to watch the video that goes along with it, you can visit here. (Starting later in the month? No worries! Just jump in on whatever day it is!) 🙂

I’m off to put our copy on our fridge (and possibly in my son’s room) and then to watch the video that inspired this countdown with my  kids for our Countdown Kickoff! If you decide to do this with your kids this holiday, please make sure to come back and leave a comment letting me know! 🙂

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Fun Ways to Encourage Gratitude This Month!

Kiwi Crate Gratitude - Live to be Inspired

As I was checking my email this morning I came across an email from Kiwi Crate that contained a number of adorable projects all focus around the themes of Thanksgiving and Gratitude. At first I thought it was the themes for their monthly boxes or for extra boxes you could purchase, but then I realized it was actually links over to the FREE DIY section of their site! I had no clue this area even existed even after being a subscriber of their monthly boxes for over a year now!!!


Looking around, they HAVE tons of project ideas (complete with supply lists, photos and instructions) and they all look super cute and fun! All you have to do is narrow down which project you want to do and then head to Amazon (or your local Walmart or Target) to gather your supplies!


I can’t wait to spend some more time going through the different sections. As a homeschool mom of three littles, two being two and under, I feel I can never have too many resources on hand!

Now, I’m off to figure out what we’re doing for lunch today and to run some Saturday errands. So much to do today, but I didn’t want to wait to share this new (to me) resource I came across! (Or I might forget! 😉 #mombrain) Hope you are all having an awesome weekend!

If you try out any of of the projects from the Kiwi Crate site, make sure to come back and leave a comment letting me know how it goes! 🙂

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Hello! Welcome to Live to be Inspired! I hope you’ll grab a drink (my preferred drink choice is always a fountain Diet Coke) and stay awhile!

These about posts are usually where everyone lists their accolades, degrees, places they’ve been featured and everything that deems them qualified to speak on a certain subject.
I don’t have any of those to share (at least none that are relevant). Why? Because I’m a mom! And, like a most moms out there, my hobbies and talents consist of all the usual mom things like trying to open chocolate without making any noise so I don’t have to share, remembering a time when I could go to the bathroom without an audience, moving sleeping children from the car seats to their cribs in ninja stealth mode, and trying to parent out of inspiration versus frustration.

So that’s my qualification. I’m right there in the trenches with you experiencing this crazy thing called motherhood at the same time you are!

I can tell you a little bit about me though so you can see if I’m the type of mom you would click with on the playground and want to talk some more with.

I am a wife to a doctor who works crazy hours and has to travel A LOT for his job. Since there are times we have to be apart for extended periods of time, we decided to have three kids that all look just like him and reminded me of him every minute of the day. Seriously! They all look just like their daddy! I maybe contributed to their pinkie toes! If I didn’t have them myself, I’d wonder if I even contributed. 😉


Speaking of those little’s, we have two sons Titan (7 years old) and Kellen (9 months old) and one daughter, Chayse (2 years old). I am in awe of them every day. Sometimes in an “Awe…I created you and you’re so amazing” way and sometimes in an, “I seriously created you? Did some genes mutate?” kind of way. (And yes, all of their age gaps (or the lack there of) were planned! We’re kind of wild and crazy like that!)

My time is spent homeschooling our seven year old, making sure everyone is fed, changing diapers, working at a snail’s pace toward my degree in Healthcare Administration, changing more diapers, attempting to tackle the mountains of laundry a family of five creates…and that’s about it! (Now you know why I don’t have any fancy qualifications or awards!)

When I do get a spare second, I LOVE to connect with other moms through posts here on the Live to be Inspired blog, on my Instagram account @live2binspired or on the Live to be Inspired Facebook Page. Those places are where I share details about our life and all my thoughts on living a more inspired life, parenting, homeschooling, our vacations, and really anything else related to the home and family! Having an outlet and someplace where I feel like I am actually communicating with other adults helps keep me sane. 🙂

I hope when you visit this site you are able to laugh, breath and walk away knowing you aren’t alone. Us, moms have to stick together! 

Xoxo Cambria