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#LIGHTtheWORLD Kids Activity Calendar

I shared over on the Live to be Inspired Facebook page a couple days ago about some Advent/Countdown to Christmas ideas that I’d seen going around online for kids and I mentioned that we’ve never done a countdown other than the chocolate countdown calendars my dad sends every year for all of my kids. A definite favorite, because well, chocolate is involved! 🙂

I’ve been wanting to do something a little more this year though but found that I was feeling my anxiety levels rise as I looked at some of ideas out there. They included crafts, story time with specific books, a  themed treat, etc. for EVERY DAY and the moms all started prepping for them weeks ago, some even before Thanksgiving.

Um, nope. Can’t do that, At least not this year. As much as I’d LOVE to do something like that and think it would be amazing (and give major props to the mammas who are doing it!), that is just not the season we are in at our house. 🙂  (Slowly learning how to manage my time and expectations better so I can be a happy mom more and avoid becoming a full blown Grinch mom! And when you have two, two and under, you homeschool your 8 year old, and you have your own college finals coming up – you don’t start a project that will require hours of additional work during an already BUSY month! It will not end well for anyone!) 😉

So I gave up my search and decided our chocolate countdown would have be enough.

grunge white wood and rustic wood background texture

grunge white wood and rustic wood background texture

The next morning though the above Advent from A Year of FHE popped up in my Facebook feed and after reading, “Each day has a very simple task that can be done with little or no help from adults.” on their site. I knew I had found our winner for this year. This is PERFECT for the time and season we are in and I LOVE the concept of doing simple, daily tasks to help add more light and good in the world.

I also love that this countdown requires very little prep, focuses on the real reason(s) for the season and is mostly things my 8 year old can do on his own (and my 2 year old can do with just a little help)!

To get a FREE copy of this countdown that starts today, December 1st, just hop on over to the A  Year of FHE site and you can easily download and print it off from there. And, if you want to watch the video that goes along with it, you can visit here. (Starting later in the month? No worries! Just jump in on whatever day it is!) 🙂

I’m off to put our copy on our fridge (and possibly in my son’s room) and then to watch the video that inspired this countdown with my  kids for our Countdown Kickoff! If you decide to do this with your kids this holiday, please make sure to come back and leave a comment letting me know! 🙂

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Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Boys 12 & Under!

Happy December 1st! Can you believe it’s the last month of the year? I sure can’t. Today I thought I would hop on really fast and share some stocking stuffer ideas for boys in the 12 and under crowd.

Stockings for me can get kind of tricky. You want small(ish) items, but you also don’t want junk. Here are some of the items that are on my radar this year for Titan:

1) The Kung Pow Chicken Bok! Bok! Boom Book – We purchased the first book in this series a couple weeks ago at a book fair and Titan has LOVED reading it each night before bed. I was really excited when I saw that it was part of a series and that there were more since we are definitely trying to encourage a love of reading around here. If you have boys, I highly recommend this series!

2) Earbuds – Titan requested a new pair of earbuds at Target a couple weeks ago (he saw some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle ones for $5 in the Dollar spot) and I told him that he should add them to his Wish List for Christmas. 🙂 The earbuds above aren’t TMNT themed but they are also a good option. These are great to have for road trips, plan rides, etc.

3) Swim Goggles (or any gear they might need for a sport or activity they enjoy) – Ti has been taking swimming lessons at our local YMCA the past few months (he is our little fish & can’t get enough of the water!) and he mentioned one day that he would like his own pair of “good” goggles for his classes each week. Apparently the ones from the Dollar Store aren’t quite cutting it anymore. Admittedly, I am really happy that he has taken such a huge interest in his swim classes so I figure anything we can do/purchase to encourage him is awesome! He hasn’t been the biggest fan of T-Ball or Flag Football so we were definitely excited when he was the one asking to sign up for swim lessons and reminding us about them. If you don’t have a swimmer you could get a new bat, a new baseball, new soccer socks, etc.

4) Terry’s Chocolate Orange – I know a lot of families like to put an oranges in their stockings. We like to do that as well, but I prefer the chocolate ones. 🙂 My favorite chocolate orange is by far the milk chocolate one made by Terry’s. I’ve tried other brands and they really just aren’t nearly as good! So make sure to get that brand. Titan usually gets one of these and some other small candy sprinkled in.

5) Chuck E. Cheese Coins – Titan has been asking to go to Chuck E. Cheese and we have been putting it off. When I was trying to think of stocking stuffer ideas though, I thought coins would be a good option. Especially since we are really trying to do more experience & memory type things versus toys and stuff. If you don’t have a Chuck E. Cheese fan (or a location near you) you could do movie theater tickets, a gift card to their favorite restaurant, tickets to Disney on Ice, etc.

6) Underwear – Yep, every Christmas Santa brings Titan new underwear. One year Santa actually forgot and man, oh man, did we hear about it! This year I’m thinking we’ll request some Big Hero 6 ones.

7) Steam Gift Card – Titan LOVES checking the Steam sales each week with Broc to see what new games are out and what’s on sale. In fact, when any money comes his way, he usually wants to spend it on Steam. Pretty sure he even has a Wish List saved and everything. So I’m thinking a gift card might make it’s way into his stocking this year. (**If you aren’t familiar with Steam, it’s like the ultimate gaming platform on the computer. You can purchase almost any computer game out there, learn about new games, etc. So if you have a little gamer on your hands like we do, I’m sure they will definitely be able to put this to good use.)

8) Minecraft Creeper 7″ Plush – What can I say, our little man loves his plush characters and animals. In fact, when we went to Disney World last may that’s what he spent most of his souvenir money on. This Minecraft Creeper plush is one he’s had his eye on and it’s on sale for only $6.99 right now on Amazon. (Reg. $11.99)

9) New Tie for Church – At Christmas and Easter I like to get Titan a new tie for church. He won’t wear the clip on ones and so I’m always on the lookout for a good deal on the zip, buckle or regular ones. (More options at Target)

10) Minecraft Hangers – These are a little one the pricer side considering they are essentially a glorified key chain, but they are a huge hit with Titan & his friends. They come in these individual packs and you don’t know what you are getting until you open it. I think there are like ten of them that you try to collect them all. They sell for around $5.99 each at Target (look by the Baseball cards and Pokemon cards for them) or you can also get a pack of 5 for $28.99 on Amazon right now. I was hesitant to let Titan get a couple with his birthday money, but Titan loves the mystery and suspense with each one and he has been playing with each hanger A LOT as well.

So there you have it, my Top 10 Ideas for Stocking Stuffers for Boys! If you have any other great ideas to add to this list, please leave a comment below! 🙂 

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