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Happy Thanksgiving From Our Family to Yours!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you are all having a great day with family, friends and lots of yummy food! 

PS: If you are doing any Black Friday shopping online today and/or this weekend, here are my Top 3 Favorite Deals sites that I highly recommend you follow:

These are my three favorite deal finding sites and they will help you know where the best deals are online and in stores. (Although, since you can basically get the same deals online as you can in stores, I highly recommend just shopping online during nap time or a lull in the family festivities!) Happy shopping! 🙂

Christmas Pajamas for Baby Girls

As promised over the weekend, here are my favorite Christmas pajamas for baby girls this year!

One  Ok… a few… of these will be making their way to our house for Christmas and the winter months! I just couldn’t resist. Plus, unlike her older brother, baby girl is outgoing her wardrobe every 3 months so I just “had” to grab one or two in her current size and some in the next size up, right?! 😉

Old Navy: Bow Graphic PJ’s for Baby $14.00!

Old Navy: Patterned Wrap-Front PJ Set for Baby $14.00! 

Dillards: Christmas Reindeer 4-Piece Pajama Set $18.99! 

Macy’s: Glitter 4-Piece Snug Cotton PJ’s $11.90! 

Surprisingly I ended up finding less options for her than for Titan. Just not as many favorites out there right now. Of course, it’s not like she needs 10 sets of pajamas, I just was hoping to have more options in the round up.
Any way, I am off to do some homework that I have been procrastinating by doing way more fun things…like shopping online & putting together this post! 🙂 
Hope you are all have a good evening!


PS: If you missed out on my Favorite Christmas Pajamas for Boys this year, you can view that post here

Christmas Pajamas for Boys

I love purchasing Christmas pajamas for Titan to wear all through December. This year though, I was having a hard time finding some options in stores now that he isn’t in the toddler section (ie. size 4T, 5T, etc.) but rather in the regular Boys section.

So, I decided to search online and the following are the options I found. I was so happy to find that I could still find some awesome options with just a little extra searching! Of course, we won’t be getting all of these. I just decided to share all of them in case any of you were also on the hunt for some cute Christmas pajamas for your older boys as well!


(Other colors and designs available)

And here are two non Christmas options… 🙂 

(These are also available in red w/ black piping.)

One thing I wanted to note, all of the Carter’s brand pajamas can be found at multiple stores. For example, I know Kohl’s, JC Penney, Macy’s and more all carry their brand. So I’ve linked you to the cheapest option I was able to find. That doesn’t mean they aren’t sold elsewhere, that just means thats the cheapest place I found at the time I was looking. 🙂 If you see any of these sets for cheaper somewhere else, please leave a comment and I’ll update the post!! 🙂

Also, some of these same sets are available in Toddler sizes as well. So if you have younger boys, these options might still work for you. (And the toddler sizes are a even a little bit cheaper!)


Does your family do Christmas pajamas? When do you give your kids their new pajamas? 

I know a lot of families get new pajamas on Christmas Eve. I like to give Titan his though on December 1st so he can wear them all month. (Especially if they are Christmas themed! )

PS: If you have a baby girl celebrating their first Christmas, I am working on a post of cute baby girl Christmas pajamas next!