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St. Patrick’s Day 2014

I have to admit, all growing up, I never really saw the draw around St. Patrick’s Day. It was a day you tried to remember to wear green and that was about it. Then, I had Titan. A very literal little man who we are trying to expose to more fun, magic, and creativity. So now we try to have a little more fun with it in our house! 🙂 

We started off the morning with a quick scavenger hunt that the leprechaun left for us. (You can find these printable clues on the Five Little Chefs site.) 
That is, after I pointed out the first clue to Titan. When he walked into my room in the morning for our morning snuggle and talk, he was not his usually happy and bright eyed self. He looked kind of annoyed. I asked him what was wrong and he said, “Well, you said it was St. Patrick’s Day today but I don’t see anything like from a leprechaun or any of that?” I quickly pointed out the first clue to the scavenger hunt which was right by my computer (because I know that’s his first stop in the mornings) and his face lit right up!! So off on the scavenger hunt we went. I was surprised at how fast Titan navigated the clues once I read them. (Which prompted a mental note on my part to make a goal to have him reading all his own clues by next year!)

The tricky leprechaun has us going all around the house! 

Until, finally, the last clue lead us to the fridge and to Titan’s surprise. Some goodies, some Skylanders stickers, and a Skylanders wallet. 
Those last two items Titan had been asking for every time we walked by the Target Dollar Spot and I kept telling him no. Then, one day I was there by myself, all of the “black star” items were 70% off. So they were only $0.30 each. Done and done. That I can say yes too! 🙂
When Titan saw the Lucky Charms cereal he said, “I just knew the leprechaun would bring me that. In fact, I kept seeing it at the store and thinking I needed to wait to ask you for it until I saw if the leprechaun brought it on St. Patrick’s Day. And look, he did!” 

The leprechaun also left a note for us to go get a yummy sugar cookie from Kneaders. I thought we’d be able to find four leaf clovers (in the form of sugar cookies, of course) when we got there but they just had normal ones. Luckily Titan was so happy just to be getting a sugar cookie (and one of the jumbo ones at a that) that he didn’t care. 

We love us a visit to Kneaders!! 

“Look Mom, they have JUMBO ones!” 

Naturally, we got our cookie to go. Mr. Time Management had other plans on his mind for the afternoon and so he said it would be silly to sit there just to eat a cookie. He then politely asked the girl to put it in a “To Go” bag.  🙂 
The best part of the day was when Titan said that the leprechaun who left the clues and surprise wasn’t very smart. I asked him why and he said because some of the clues were off. Like for “where you put your dirty clothes” he thought the next clue should have been by the washing machine and not his dirty clothes hamper. And for “what you use to cook food”, he thought the next clue should have been in the oven or microwave and not by the pots and pans. He also thought it was inconsiderate of the leprechaun to leave us gold chocolate coins and not real coins for us Kneaders excursion, “Don’t they know you have to pay with REAL money? Not chocolate?” (Like I said, he’s definitely our literal little man!) 
…and that was our St. Patrick’s Day. Fun and easy thanks to a quick internet search, Kneaders Bakery and the Target Dollar Spot! 
What does your family do for St. Patrick’s Day??
 I see a lot of families making “traps” with their kids and I was thinking if I’m more on the ball next year we might add that to our fun! 🙂

Halloween Prep

This last weekend to celebrate the start of fall, my little man and I did some “Halloween Prep” around the house. Once the cooler weather hits and the pools close down, I’m always itching to start decorating for Halloween. Sadly, the majority of our decor is being held in storage and I won’t be out that way for another couple weeks. So, rather than being disappointed we couldn’t start decorating the entire house, I decided to get creative and do a little “prep work” with Titan instead.

What I loved the most about the prep work is it was all simple, really inexpensive (or even FREE) and it was all stuff we were able to do together.

Here are the things we did to start making our home feel a little more festive…

First, we changed out our Scentsy scent from a summer scent to Pumpkin Spice!

Then, we hung up some new hand towels from TJ Maxx! (Only $3.99 for the set!)

Once that was done we moved all of Ti’s costumes to the front of his closet & had some fun playing dress up. Every year after Halloween I grab a couple costumes on clearance for the next year. Ti has fun switching between all of them in the weeks leading up to Halloween. This year we have Mario, an Army Guy, Buzz Lightyear, a Nascar Driver and Thor.

Then, we made our Fall/Halloween Bucket List. We have quite a few things going on between now and Halloween so I figured it was best to make our list now. That way we have plenty of time to make sure we get to everything on the list.

And, after that we made some caramel corn and watched The Haunted Hathaways on Hulu! I’m not usually a fan of most shows on Nickelodeon as it seems the acting is SO over the top. This one is pretty cute though and always makes Ti Guy laugh. So it makes up for the cheesiness. Ti especially loves how all of the youngest ghosts’ tricks never quite work out!

Last but not least, we read some Halloween stories together. Mickey’s Halloween Mystery I bought on clearance after Halloween last year at Target for around a $1.00 and the Halloween Night book I actually just picked up on Amazon for $4.00. Super cute story and I loved the illustrations! Definitely a new favorite around here!
I asked Ti what his favorite part of the weekend was and he said “All of it!” 🙂 Good reminder to me that sometimes the simplest things are the things that our kids like and remember the most!

How about all of you? When do you start getting ready for Halloween?

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2011 in Photo’s

in 2011…
titan went sledding for the first time.

…and i cut his hair for the first time!  

titan and broc spent quality time together with ti’s handy manny tool kit

…and titan got to see an air force helicopter up close & personal!

we dyed easter eggs…a process titan was rather fascinated by

…and broc and i snuck away for a weekend in vail, colorado. (yummiest hot chocolate ever!)

ti found many ways to occupy himself while grocery shopping/couponing with me

..and we had family come to town from UT. titan loved the s’more night! 

we visited disneyland! so much fun with a little one! 

…and we spent a week at bear lake where ti went a tube for the first time.

we spent some time in st. george and saw the little mermaid at the tuacahn

..and broc and i spent a weekend in las vegas! 

then we also spent some time at broc’s grandparents cabin

…and we spent our first night in a tent as a family at the ward camp out. 

titan found many ways to entertain himself while i worked. 

…and he also got to have a personal tour of an ambulance! oh my cool little man! 

titan started preschool! 

such a big boy! 

…and we spent lots of time going back and forth to utah! 

we visited uncle aaron’s new workplace, megaplex theatre’s in centerville

…and i got to make some flower arrangements for them.

titan dressed up like buzz light year for halloween! cutest buzz ever! 

…and he celebrated his 3rd birthday! where did the last 3 years go?!? 

we got to see toy story on ice! 

…and we got to visit with santa. 

cutest elf ever! 

we saw the lights at temple square… 

celebrated christmas by going to church and celebrating with cousins… 

…and finished the year with uncle conner’s wedding! 

where i got to play with flowers some more! 🙂

2011 was a great year! here’s to 2012! can’t wait to see what this year brings! 
happy new year everyone! 
xo xo cambria